Gravity-Defying Glitter Jars: The Glitter Floats Forever!

This is one of my projects from our

EPIC Harry Potter birthday party!

Lots of the potion jars on Pinterest used baby oil to make glitter float a bit longer.

That’s nice, but… gravity is coming, folks, whether you invited it to the party or not.

So who is going to shake my glitter jars during the party to make them pretty?

Um… Nobody!

We had no time for such things! We were too busy having the best party ever!

But glitter clumps in the bottom of a jar?

There has to be a better way!

I found two methods!

One way works well for a container with a wide neck.

The other is better for smaller-necked bottles.

Method #1

Hot Glue for Wide-Necked Bottles

gravity defying glitter bottle.jpg

This star confetti leftover from another party (yes, I recycle everything!) was perfect for a wizard potion bottle.

Those stars are too pretty be a blob in the bottom of a bottle!

Drizzle hot glue directly down the center of the bottle, so that it doesn’t stick at the top.

Then as the free-falling glue approaches the bottles midpoint, quickly tilt the bottle to the sides.

Add the glitter or confetti immediately before the glue cools.

When glue started sticking in the neck, I forced it down a bit. Not enough to completely dislodge it– then, everything would fall down into the bottom of the bottle.

Instead, I pushed down the top of the glue clump just enough so that it was no longer blocking the top, but it remained partially stuck to a side.

bottle view from top with blog name.jpg

Running hot tap water (on the outside of the bottle!) every now and then, also helped loosen clumps and spread the glue.

If I were really adventurous, I would have tried to create a very thin coat of glue all over the interior by boiling the bottle, like when my husband did for me when he removed the label. But I was pretty convinced I’d burn myself!

This is the finished glitter star bottle with water and green food coloring.

glitter potions words

The bottle on the left feature the same hot glue method, then purple glitter from a shaker. Creepy, cool effect!

Because this photo is close-up, you can make the dried hot glue in the green bottle, but from a distance, it wasn’t noticeable.

Method #2

Glitter Glue for Small-Necked Bottles

Updated Glitter Potion Jars

After trying the hot glue a few times, it was clear that some of my bottles would clog in the top, and the middle would be empty. That might’ve been OK for bottles in the back row, but…

I wanted ALL the glitter!

Knowing that ordinary glitter glue would dissolve after adding water and food coloring, that wasn’t an option.

Instead the birthday girl and I used dollar store glitter glue OUTSIDE the bottle, spreading evenly with a paint brush.

They were so fast and easy, we made tons of them! The birthday girl just loved making them! Being able to delegate this job to her allowed me to focus more on other projects, like our faux shelves!

Fake Potion Shelf

Especially once they were filled with colored water, you really had to examine them up-close to see the glitter was actually outside the bottle.

These $1 labels were a great find!

potion lables blog

I bought a pack of 50 at Dollar Tree. A few weeks later, I saw they had a slightly different style in packs of 30. Still a great deal!

Although there are cool printable labels available, I couldn’t find much variety. My search for Harry Potter potion labels turned up a the same handful of names over and over.

I found these adhesive labels at Dollar Tree (although a couple of weeks later, I saw they were instead selling slightly smaller packs of 30 in a variation of this style).

The birthday girl helped choose names, both from the books and ones that she thought of herself. She had a TON of fun thinking of names! Her handwriting wasn’t quite as pretty as mine, but sometimes things are cuter when they aren’t exactly perfect, don’t you think?

Other advantages: not using any printer ink was cheaper! I saved myself the headache of cutting out intricately labels in fancy, intricate shapes, so that effort went to making more potion jars and bottles!

Full Apothecary Shot link only Epic Harry Potter Party.jpg

I have to admit, I was proud of my idea to put Harry in the green flames of a Floo Powder fire. I haven’t seen anyone else to that in their party pictures!

Maybe this idea will catch on, and Harry will be invited to more parties.

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