Chalk vs. Latex Challenge & Mother- Daughter Compromise

My poor daughter’s dresser was a disgrace! So embarrassing!

Desperate for storage, with a newborn baby and no time, I could barely get to the grocery store, much less a furniture store!

When this sturdy, all-wood dresser for $40 appeared the preschool rummage, problem solved! And my favorite: cheap!

While deciding the new color, my daughter put stickers on it.

Stickers fell off. Goodbye, paint.

My 8-year-old was dying for bubble-gum pink.

I love being a super-cool mom. I wanted to give her the room of her dreams.

But the practical side knows she may not love bright pink forever!

(Selfish Subtext: I don’t want to repaint in two years!)

Mom loves grassy greens.

Daughter loves flowery porcelain knobs.

Real porcelain knobs would’ve cost more than the dresser.

Let’s not get crazy. This is not Anthropologie!

The Compromise:

Pink flowers on all the knobs.  Green for the dresser

Pink & green! A feminine classic.

She loved the idea of me painting the knobs for her. My crafty girl LOVES anything hand-made, especially by mom.When she discovers Etsy, I’m in big trouble!

Next Up: Latex Paint

Pinterest has tons of suggestions for fancy-schmancy paint  in emeralds and Kelly greens.

No need to double my investment here!

Sorry, Farrow & Ball.

Feeling adventurous —  and sick of samples — I chose a color in the store, on the spot. (Maybe I’m showing my age if this is my idea of rebellion now.)

Behr’s Hills of Ireland was perfect!

Short on time, I considered skipping the steps to make chalk paint.


Ordinary Latex Paint

Whoa! Bad plan! We need chalk paint!

The few minutes to make chalk paint would probably save me 2-3 extra coats! Worth it!

I may be crafty, but I use short-cut additive instead of a plaster recipe.

Additive powder + water + paint. Shake it up in an old jar.

The additive costs +/-$12. More than plaster, yes, but it’s still  much less expensive than buying premixed chalk paint!

I’m told the plaster kind shouldn’t be reused, but I’ve had no trouble reusing this type of paint. Plus, the same tiny has lasted 4 pieces of furniture, with plenty left in a small jar, easily stored.

Make ANY color you want!

Check out the coverage for chalk paint!


First coat of chalk paint: Behr’s Hills of Ireland

It needed a second coat, but it was a huge improvement.

And the final product!


The knobs are white latex with flowers in acrylic. And PLENTY of poly!

Furniture That She Can Grow Up With…

Now if she decides she’s tired of pink, all we have to change are the knobs!

knobs text.jpg

She loves these knobs now, and they’ll be easy to swap as she grows.

An ombre effect keeps the knobs looking orderly, instead of haphazard.

Coming Soon… My Easy, Mess-Free Knob-Painting Hack

Forget spray paint. My method is better!

  • Faster
  • Cheaper
  • Neater – Clean enough for indoors!
  • Better – Super-smooth finish
  • No globs, no paint flecks, no wind-blown dirt

More Coming Soon… Sneaky Tips for Polyurethane

The older gentleman at the hardware store gave me the BEST advice. Got to share!

If you ever expect to use polyeurethane, you’ll want to know!





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