Recent Paintings

After painting a dresser for my daughter, it only seemed fair that I give something special to my other two daughters.


This happy green floral painting was inspired partly by a new piece of art my friend bought for her office with the same green background. It was so cheerful, it made me want to paint! Of course, my flowers are my own original design, no-copy-catting!


Obviously, the three pink birds in this picture represent my three daughters.

The gold highlights were a spur-of-the-moment addition, but I really liked them! My original vision was to paint the word “sisters” in silver, but I couldn’t find the silver paint and just used gold instead. I love a happy accident!

And now I’m working on repainting my daughters’ shabby Tinkerbell table, where all the color was rubbing off. We are redoing it with a Pokemon theme!


A cartoon seemed like it’d be really simple, but it wasn’t! Those black outlines were a nightmare! Everything took several coats. You may not be able to tell from this picture, but I still haven’t finished the whites of the eyes! This has taken hours longer than the other two pictures, and it’s much more “basic” in design.

If I am painting a bird or a flower, and my hand slips a bit, I can work with the result. Yet icons this recognizable can only be painted one way! Even the slightest error is obvious.

The corners were tricky too. A circle is a circle is a circle! Some of my less-than-perfect moves were cleaned up with the outline and “cheated” to look a bit rounder.

They LOVE it though! I’m happy they’re so pleased!

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