Epic Harry Potter Party Activities – Super -Cool without Breaking the Bank

Potions Class WORDS.jpg

While many parents put lots of effort into activities, I never have. Kids are happy to play, and I want to enjoy the party!

With 20+ guests, though, and the size of my house, I knew that there was no way the kids would get to enjoy everything I’d planned without some real scheduling!

The house had 4 zones:

Diagon Alley in the living room

Apothecary area

Hi, Harry! Thanks for stopping by!

Hogwarts Dining Hall in the dining room


And the last two zoners were Hogwarts Classrooms in playroom and Quidditch Pitch in backyard.

Not understanding the game, making Quidditch hoops like other parties didn’t make sense. I wanted easy!

Broom racing! Our party was BYOB – bring your own broom. They parked on the porch before going inside.

First, the birthday girl escorted friends through Diagon Alley to purchase school supplies with fake gold coins. More fun for guests that their friend showed them around instead of a mom!

Activity supplies doubled as party favors.

After shopping, they zoomed through the brick wall to Platform 9 ¾.


It seemed weird to me that other parties have the Platform 9 3/4 sign over their wall, since you’re not supposed to see it until after the wall.

At Hogwarts (aka my dining room), kids snacks until everyone arrived.

Then we used our very fancy sorting hat… a silver party hat.


Y’all, lots of bloggers made lovely papier mache hats, but I didn’t have time for YET another craft. I wasn’t spending $20 on one, since I was already about to blow the mortgage payment (kidding) on this insane party.

We drew felt badges from a paper bag. Several kids arrived in Griffyndor costumes, so I evened out the houses this way.

Four adult friends received a schedule to lead a group.


Construction paper and marker were fast, cheap and easy. No need for fancy fonts or cool paper – the adults were impressed enough already!

Two “Houses” – groups of kids – were inside, and two groups were outside at all time.

I set my oven timer for 15 minutes, and the outdoor adults used their phones for time.

The two indoor groups inside swapped stations after 15 minutes. Likewise, the two outside groups also swapped stations after 15 minutes.

After a total of 30 minutes, the “Houses” that were doing activities went inside, and the kids who’d been playing outside came indoors.

Activities Word experiment.jpg

The “tablecloth” was a beach umbrella removed from its pole. The crystal ball base was a $2 silver-plated candle holder from the thrift store. The ball was an infant toy. The quill — used for invisible ink writing — was $2 for a 10-pack at A.C. Moore. A 50% off coupon made them 10 cents each!

My mom was a great sport and dressed up like Professor Trelawny and read fortunes I printed on the computer. Again, they were pulled out of my white paper lunch bags.

My husband monitored kids writing messages to their parents with lemon juice and the quills. There wasn’t time to do the heat trick, so they took their papers home at the end of the party with instructions.

Outside, my sister and her boyfriend monitored the broom races. We had some cones for the track, but the rest of our track was marked with sand buckets.

The other outside station was potions, which I managed.


Make sure to search “Kettle” not “Cauldron” if you want to order these from Oriental Trading. The vinegar ran out. Luckily, I had a big bottle of lemon juice in a pinch!

Two plastic bottles of vinegar were colored with blue and yellow. The kids named them “Mermaid Slime” and “Dragon Spit”. The baking soda was “Unicorn Horn Powder”.

They loved watching their cauldrons bubble over!

(If they guessed it was vinegar and baking soda, I mentioned it was an acid-base reaction for a little teachable moment.)

With a bit of extra time before cake, I’d missed the broom racing!

I rallied the kids outside. Winners from each House raced each other to determine the ultimate champion.

The kids from the other Houses gathered in their groups and cheered on their representative. They loved it!

Lastly, before cake, all the kids hunted for our Snitch – golf ball painted gold with paper wings.

The “prize” was my daughter’s idea – the winner got the next piece of cake after the birthday girl.

Didn’t cost a cent, and with 20 kids waiting for cake, it was a good deal for the winner!

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On a side note, I just found out that the illustrated version of Chamber of Secrets is out!

I’ve been reading this to my 1st grader, she’ll love seeing the pictures.

However, I’ll be getting my copy from the The Greenville County Library for now. Maybe we’ll get the books for Christmas or birthdays.

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