Potion Jar Hack: Easy & (almost) Free


These jars were so easy, my 7-year-old helped make them!

I spent NO money on this craft by using things we had.

Plus we got extra cool effects and sparkles!

My sneaky trick?

The jars were empty! We only decorated the insides!


Gold Glitter with Salt

Do you have old glitter tubes lying around? The ones where there’s just a little glitter, but who knows how you’d actually squeeze it out?

I did. Lots of them. I hate to waste!


  1. Cut the tubes with scissors.
  2. Scoop glitter out with paintbrush.
  3. Paint the inside of a clean, empty jar with glitter.Cover at least a thin coat of glitter glue all over the inside. (It’s OK if you can’t really see the glitter. Some areas just need some glue for the salt to adhere.
  4. Create thick streaks of glitter. This is the glitter you’ll see when the jar is finished.We also had some shakers of glitter without any glue that we added. The darker jar contains black sanding sugar from a Halloween cake decorating shaker.
  5. Add a few tablespoons of salt.
  6. Screw lid on tightly.
  7. Shake until salt covers the whole inside.
  8. Add more salt if needed.
  9. Open the jar to let it dry overnight. Resist the temptation to touch too much because it’ll make a mess!

Salt serves two functions:

First, it gives the appearance of a full jar.

Second, salt absorbs moisture, helping the glitter glue to dry faster.


Pink & Blue Glitter. We saved time by leaving a gap on the area where we knew the label would go.

If the inside of the jar isn’t fully dry before the party, that’s not a big deal, as long as you keep the lid screwed on.

We also had some colored cupcake sprinkle, and the black sanding sugar created a cool, spooky effect.


Blue and Green Glitter; Black Sanding Sugar (for cakes); Salt.

I can’t believe I didn’t discover Harry Potter until I was in my 30s!

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My kids and are eagerly awaiting Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

Fantastic Beasts movie

I read the “Newt Scamander” book to get ready!

And I’m eagerly awaiting my turn to read Cursed Child.

I’m skeptical about reading something that J.K. Rowling co-authored. Not sure I’m going to shell out the $18 for Amazon.

First, I’m going to read it for free. I’m #100-something on the waiting list, but there are so many copies, I should have it within a month.

Shout out to the Greenville County Library!




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