Halloween Acrylic &Digital Art

Lately, I’ve had fun with playing with acrylic, mixed media and digital images.

Originally, I had only planned 3 Halloween pictures in a color scheme of purple, orange, and green. But following my creativity, I ended up with 6!

I started with canvas paper with an acrylic paint wash for a streaky effect, meaning I took regular art paint and diluted it with just a bit of water on my brush.

Canvas paper costs a fraction of stretched canvas, plus it fits in my flatbed scanner!

I wanted the images to look painted, not printed. The streaky effect of the paint wash makes the brush strokes more prominent.

Then, I scanned the canvas background papers on my printer with my flatbed scanner, which required some trimming to close the lid.

I scanned the plain backgrounds first. Then, I overlaid the canvases with the scrap strips to make borders and scanned them together.

(Keep in mind, I still have the plain backgrounds saved as separate files for endless future projects!)

Using a fun font I’d downloaded from dafont.com, I added the words.

Although I have fancier programs, I did it all in Paint! It only took a few minutes!

Of course, after scanning the blank backgrounds, I could still paint on them!

If you look carefully, you’ll see the two green backgrounds are identical.

Altogether, I made 6 coordinated images.

A friend recently mentioned making photo collages on canvas.

That gave me the idea to reduce all 6 images to fit an 18×24 canvas and alternate digital and painted pictures in pattern. Paint the edges black, maybe trim with fun Halloween ribbon.

I didn’t think of it early enough this year, but there’s always next time.

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