DIY Super Hero Mask Garland

mask garland

School may not be out yet, but I’ve been working on this year’s Vacation Bible School theme since last summer. My church is Presbyterian USA, and we use the Cokesbury plan, which has a Super Hero theme.

Super heroes are so popular for classrooms and birthday parties! Cokesbury always does a good job choosing a theme that is current, with plenty of ready-made supplies already in the marketplace. So many possibilities!

The Super Hero mask garland is an idea I’m really excited about because I haven’t seen ANYONE else do it, and I’ve spent countless hours on Pinterest looking at super hero decor!

From years past, I’ve learned that hanging decorations from the ceiling makes a huge impace – more so than just paper cut-outs taped to the wall. Don’t get me wrong — there will be plenty of paper cut-outs at my church! But the tall ceiling element creates such a magical dimension!

These masks came from Oriental Trading. We ordered 3 different types

Bright Super Hero Masks  $2.99 for 24 basic thin cardstock masks. Really, these masks are much better for decoration than a costume accessory because they’re flimsy. We ordered 2 sets of these because they were the best deal.

Gleaming Masquerade Masks $4.99 for 24. These are sturdier (if you actually wanted to wear them), and they have a cool shine, but I didn’t want to only use these due to the cost.

Mardi Gras Cat’s-Eye Mask $4.99 for 24. The Oriental Trading site recently “improved” these masks. They are now just Mardi Gras Colors. I got more colors with my order. The idea behind these is that a few feminine masks would add some appeal.

Once the masks arrived, they were simple to make!

Just cut the elastic in the back, and tie together.

We tied them somewhat shorter than the elastic, to keep them from being way too long. But we didn’t trim the strings yet because we thought some might come untied. Nothing more frustrating than retying a tiny string! They have held up well though, so we probably could’ve gone ahead and trimmed the strings.

Rather than make a long garland, we made several sections of about 8-10 masks. Different workers can take a groups of garland and attach to our ceiling tile grid on our set-up day.

We stacked the masks in strips to store and used clothespins to keep them from getting tangled up. Two ladies worked on this project, and tied all of our masks in about half an hour.

Altogether we had nearly 100 masks (96 to be exact) for $16! For plenty of garland.

You could also hang a few masks in groups of 3 or 4 to dangle from the ceiling, if you didn’t want to make large garlands.


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