Caesars Head State Park & Vicinity

The travel slogan for South Carolina has been “from the mountains to the sea”.

Caesars Head Side view

This is the viewing area at Caesars Head. Off to the left is the Greenville area. It is barely marked by Paris Mountain, which looks more like a small hill compared to these more majestic summits.

In the Piedmont, or the foothills, we are just minutes from waterfalls and scenic mountain vistas.

These photos show one of my family’s favorite day trips.




On the way out of town, we visit Wildcat Wayside Falls.

Lower Wildcat Fall is easily found just by the side of the road. T

Lower Wildcat with Rhododendrons (1).JPG

Earlier this summer, the rhododendron were blooming. This photo doesn’t do the site justice! 

The shallow pool offers a refreshing spot for wading. The waterfall is big enough to be beautiful, but there is no worrisome rushing water.

A set of stairs takes you to to Upper Wildcat Falls.

Upper Wildcat Falls

After a visit at the Falls, we like to pack a picnic to enjoy at the top of Caesars Head.

Caesars Head picnic area (1)

Glimpses of the view can be seen through the trees

Here’s an alternate scene from the viewing area.

Caesars Head behind rail

Somehow, even the rail seems pretty. Although only a bit is of the exposed rock surface shows here, there is a massive granite outcrop.

Bald Rock is a scenic overlook between the falls and the summit of Caesars Head. Depending on when we leave the house and how long we stay at the falls, we may visit Bald Rock either on the way up or on the way down the mountain.

FullSizeRender (12).jpg

Bald Rock is another granite outcrop on the mountain. The colors on the rock may look like sidewalk chalk, though it is actually faded spray paint. This is a favorite gathering spot for teenagers. It bothered me a lot during my first visit, and maybe it’s just my imagination that the paint seems sun-faded and less shocking now. Some say it adds character. I’m not sure I’d go that far because it seems to encourage more graffiti, when I believe the vandalism should stop. I will grant that it makes the spot more unique, and the view of Table Rock in the distance is too fantastic to be spoiled.

This is one of many scenic locations featured in my columns in Upstate Parent magazine.

If you’d like to know more, click here .

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