Egyptian Party

My daughter has been crazy about ancient Egypt and requested an authentic dinner… but we couldn’t stop there!

tomb wall

We’d just finished tiling this room, so it was completely empty – perfect for a tomb!

The set -up was great. 

The lights were off. Candles flickered on a table in the middle of the room.

The children assembled outside, waiting for access. My daughter held a small flashlight.

I announced to the kids:

“Y’all, we moved into this house,

and you’re not gonna believe it,

but we found an Egyptian tomb in the basement!”

“No way!” one yelled, in (partial) disbelief. I patiently ignored the scoffer.

“Lead the way!”

My daughter proceeded down the hall with her flashlight. They crowded at the door.

She opened it and shined the light here and there, illuminating bits and pieces of the mural.

It was so cool! Serious theater moment!

Then, we went in and started making some of our crafts.

Egypt crafts

We cut craft foam and hot glued the gold cord to the back. Glue dots adhered the jewels. 

My daughter had the idea for the scarab beetle crafts. I was kind of grossed out when I was buying $7 worth of plastic beetles, but… I love the kid.

They looked way less repugnant after a coat of gold paint. I found the wing image online and we printed them out. My husband cut pieces of scrap wood to uniform size, and I sanded and painted them different colors. Each kid chose their block, colored in their wings and glued the paper to the block. Then I hot glued the beetle to complete the scarab.

Now, I recognize that some parents (or guests) may not have appreciated the scarab craft (a couple were forgotten), but I liked the idea of a party favor that’s permanent. At least if they threw it away, it’s because they thought it was hideous!


Tut Sarcophagus

I painted the replica of King Tut’s sarcophagus based on photos like this.

I also painted the columns and most of the hieroglyphics. The glyphs are a mix of real, from my daughters’ books, and imaginary. I used black paint on a roll of Ikea manilla craft paper. 

wall in progress

We used a LOT of blue painter’s tape to put the paper on the wall!

close up of wall.jpg

Here you can see how some of the images were printed from the computer. I found tons of them on Pinterest.

Some of the images were coloring pages that my kids and their friends filled in. Others were pieces of my original art.


This bird was a favorite. I drew it on a large pad of paper from Dollar Tree and used black paint for outlines. The cheap gold acrylic paint added authenticity on many pieces.

me and art

This cat might even get a frame! And that’s me with the collar I made. The kids made their own collars out of craft foam and gems.

Egypt Dinner wall

Here is the cat with some of my other works. These were all original, hand drawn. How do you like my hieroglyph for “cake”? I particularly like the bird on the bottom left.

The blue drape is from large roll of table cloth sheeting. I used clear 3M Command hooks

to hang the drape without being seen. Of course, the rest of the roll was for the table!

Egypt table

And our table! All authentic Egyptian cuisine! My husband even roasted two ducks! (My daughter wisely decided we need to serve “also chicken for people who don’t like duck.”)

The gold plates were a seasonal item at Dollar Tree for New Year’s. The striped napkins were a Walmart find. A friend set up the runner for me as a cross, which I’d intended to go the length of the table, but this was nice too. The gold runners were Christmas/Thanksgiving items at Dollar Tree.

The snakes came from our local Five & Ten, and we painted them with the same gold acrylic paint we used on the pictures.

So, we had pomegranate, dates, cheese, olives and melon. We live in the South, so the melon of choice was… watermelon. Probably not Egyptian, but kids in elementary school love it!

All the candles and holders were Dollar Tree, as well as “crystal” plastic goblets for our grape juice “wine”.


I think I ate all the dates!



IMG_1675One more alternate view of our awesome wall!

So, we scaled down (just a little bit) from our Epic Harry Potter Party , but our guests didn’t seem to think so!

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