Recent Master Copies

Monet Antibes Kate

I teach Master Copy Paintings at Vino & Van Gogh in Greenville, SC.

As far as I know, nobody else even tries to do these kinds of authentic reproductions in a normal sip & paint class time on a 16 x 20 canvas. (I heard about a lady in Indiana who does small ones.)

So these are unique. The above is my copy of one of Monet’s Antibes works.


This is one that I will be teaching in April, another Monet…

Monet Pourville 1882

And the original…

Monet Sunset at Pourville Open Sea 1882

So, I did have to simplify this one because that’s about a million little aqua marks in the sea!

The purpose of teaching this painting is learning how the colors work.

Do you see the glowing effect? My former teacher, who has an MFA, actually told me she can’t achieve a glowing effect in acrylic, only oils, so I believe I must be teaching a unique skill here.

She finds it easier to get these blends in oils because they take so much longer to dry.

The key to making it work in acrylic is this paint isn’t heavy body – there’s plenty of moisture, and I work quickly by blending a lot of colors on the canvas.

Teaching paintings that are lesser known like this one Sunset at Pourville is cool because it’s not so recognizable that people will see it and say, “Oh you tried to copy a Monet.” You have freedom to make it your own, with the advantage of a genius’s color palette and composition.

Another one I enjoyed painting, that I believe people found a bit intimidating (not much of a turn-out) was this Cezanne. Cezanne painted countless versions of this mountain.

FullSizeRender (37)

My copy of Mont Sainte-Victoire Seen From Bibemus, 1900

Well, I say “countless”, but someone counted! This link shows a listing of paintings of this mountain.

cezanne Mont original.jpg

The original is cracked, due to age, so I didn’t reproduce that.

Also, I see this online image isn’t as gray in the corner as mine was. Frustrating that there is so much variety in the images that I can’t always find exactly the one I painted! I’m so OCD! (But that’s probably what makes me so good at teaching these!)

Naturally, they are simplified. We only have a couple of hours!

I actually persuaded the owner that my classes really require an extra 30 minutes of instruction time to let people finish! But we charge the same, so it’s good bang for the buck for people who want to really pick up some skills.



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