Total Solar Eclipse

Here in South Carolina, we were fortunate to be in the Path of Totality during the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. What an amazing experience to be surrounded by sunset and twilight at 2:30 in the afternoon! The t-shirts I made for my own family were in such demand, that I sold several…

Starry Night

While researching this painting for a class I’m teaching, I learned lots of fun details about VanGogh’s Mastepiece, Starry Night.

RISD: Online Art Critique

Yesterday, I submitted this painting for an Art Critique from the Rhode Island School of Design. They accepted, and they’ll be uploading a video to youtube within the month. How cool is that?!

Recent Paintings

After painting a dresser for my daughter, it only seemed fair that I give something special to my other two daughters. This happy green floral painting was inspired partly by a new piece of art my friend bought for her office with the same green background. It was so cheerful, it made me want to…