Yay! You’re reading my blog! Thank you!

Guaranteed, this is not some blah, blah blaaahg.

Did you think I was kidding about the scariest dresser ever?

Seeing is believing when you read my latest post making my daughter’s hideous dresser super-cute!

Bonus: This post includes a latex vs. chalk comparison.

Does chalk paint really live up to its reputation? Read and see!

Check Out My Unique Furniture Finds!

In just a week, I scored a some really unique finds! 2 carved oak chairs… plus two end tables by high-end manufacturers. Details to come!

(Plus a pretty silver-plated dish that I was going to sell on eBay, but it’s so cute I’m keeping it!)

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Spooky and Cinnamon-y Fall Extravaganza!

Coming soon…

Amazing Apple Cider Pancakes (that just happen to be vegan)
Sneaky Polyurethane Tips and My Knob-Painting Hack
The EPIC Harry Potter Party Series – Gotta see it to believe it!
Spellbooks – with free, illustrated printable (inspired by the EPIC Harry Potter Party)
Witch Hat Crescent Rolls

I wasn’t planning on it, but…

My Facebook friends were so complimentary of some of my recent paintings, that I’ll post them too!






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